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You Can’t Hit What Your Eyes Don’t See


You Can’t Hit What Your Eyes Don’t See

Imagine that you are an archer stepping up to your mark getting ready to hit a target. You set your body in the best stance, steady your gaze on the target, pull back your arrow, and release. Your arrow hits the target dead center! In order to do anything you want to do in this life you need to focus. Maintaining focus is easier said than done but there are some tips anyone can use to stay on track.

Clarify and Prioritize

The first step in maintaining focus is having a clear picture on what exactly you want to do. Try writing down your goal and analyzing it to make sure it is possible to achieve. Break your goal down into smaller chunks with a start and endpoint. Prioritize all other things you need and want to do in order of importance; and complete the most important tasks first.

Minimize Distractions

Having a very productive day makes you feel amazing; however there are also days when we are distracted by the many things around us which disallow us to continue with whatever we are doing. These distractions such as a phone call, a text message, household chores and maybe even our kids’ whining can be minimized.

Keep distractions that you can control at a minimum. Tell friends and family that you will be unreachable except for emergencies when working on your goal and mean it. Turn off your phone and do not check your emails. When you have made your list of priorities be sure to schedule time to complete each one. Use a timer and try to get a much done efficiently within the time limit you have set. Rearrange your home office to avoid being distracted by the outside activities and noise such as barking dogs or cars honking.

Do Not Procrastinate

There will be time when we just can’t figure out how to start the day right but if you will go through the list of your priority, you will be reminded of the things you need to do and the things that must be done in a daily basis in order to complete your task. Do not procrastinate because if you do, you’ll most probably end up in vain; hitting your target at the right time and worst if you would never be able to start at all because that would automatically mean failure. Procrastination is simply delaying what needs to be done first over something more pleasurable. This can be habitual and therefore self-destructive. To get something done, you must begin NOW.

Set the Scene

Make the environment around you reflect your end result. Organize your workspace with reminders of your goals. Dress as though you have already achieved your dream. Finally, surround yourself with people who have the focus you are trying to incorporate into your own. Take note of what these people do and implement these actions into your own daily routine.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is (to some) the hardest part of being successful. There will be a lot of distractions and obstacles along the way but as long as you stay motivated, you’ll definitely hit your target. Always remember your objectives and the best way to remember them is to write it down and do something creative as a reminder of the things that you want to accomplish whether it is a short term or long term goal. Hanging frames with motivational quotes or making a vision board will help you focus and will keep your enthusiasm alive.

Practice techniques that will keep you motivated such as visualizing completing the task or rewarding yourself along the way. It helps to be passionate about what you are doing so that the motivation comes naturally.

Know what inspires you; the reason why you want to hit your target really bad. If your goal is to make your family happy by providing them the things they need, then you must be strong-minded enough to do so. There aren’t any acceptable excuses. Envision them having all they need necessary to live happily in this world and do everything to make this vision a reality by focusing on your reason.

It is very essential to stay focused to achieve your goal in a timely manner. If your goal is to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs then start doing something that will help you become it. Read books and watch videos about the most successful entrepreneur and learn from their mistakes. We are fortunate to have all this valuable information at hand and all we have to do is grab them.

So focus on your visions because you can’t hit what your eyes don’t see.


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