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You are My Focus

Long distance relationship

I’m not distracted even though I haven’t written to you in a long time.
I’m focused on us every day.
We may not be conversing now, but we communicate all the time.
Our thoughts hold hands. Our souls touch. Our paths kiss. Our visions lock eyes. Our future partners.
The fragrance of you compliments my being. I wear you on my collar.
I want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the best of your life.
When we aren’t in touch, I am not distracted by other women.
I’m focused!
I am so into you that I don’t notice another woman’s flirtatious smile or advance.
When another woman says hello, I remember your hi.
My vision is nothing but you.
If a woman is trying to get my attention by a look, you appear in my thoughts and I start to appreciate you more.
I’m not distracted!
I hear nothing but your voice in a world of screams.
I speak only of you because there isn’t anyone else worth talking about.
I see your beauty in a world of cute.
In a crowd of people, there is one woman.
In a sea of fish, there is only one catch, and it’s you.
I refuse to be distracted by anything else because anything else isn’t what satisfies me and my promise.
My promise to meet you at your happiness and tackle your sadness together.
I hope you read this and think to yourself, “Is he real?”; while experiencing for yourself how real I am.
You have my attention and I am focused on not being distracted.
With that being said, know that you are always on my heart.
Don’t consider me doing something else as a take away from us but look at it as something that is setting me up for new ways to love you.
I will re-enact the moment I saw you standing alone in a sea of many.
My distractions are distracted by thoughts of you.


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