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21 Things a Man Needs to Know About Marriage

In a culture of counterfeits and mistruths, marriage needs to be re-branded as an awesome, noble, and challenging adventure. Guys have been blindsided in our culture. We don't see the path to manhood, and we often don't know how to view women, sex, relationships, marriage, and our role as husbands. A key to the...

Stripped Down: A Man’s Love

Dating With A Purpose

DEAR WOMEN If you have never heard this from us, men, here you go. Please accept this sincere apology and genuine promise to date you with purpose. I, man, realize I have been going about this courting all wrong; if the concept of courting can even be used in some instances.  I have not been what a husband should...


How to Be Your OWN Motivator!

Motivation wells from the heart. If you want to accomplish something, the process of constant thought about the goal coupled with determination will help you achieve that goal. So it is imperative that you become a skilled self-motivator. There are a number of things that can help you with motivation, and here we will...


Women in Leadership: Global Low Numbers Still Prevail

Currently, women make up 50.8% of the US population. Women in America earn about 60% of undergraduate degrees, and another 60% of master’s degrees. They earn 48% of medical degrees and 47% of law degrees. And in business management, they earn over 44% of master’s degrees. Women make up 47% of the labor force in the...


Aspirin: A Possible Wonder Pill for Reducing Heart Attack, Breast Cancer, & Stroke in Women

Aspirin has become a drug every woman should have at her disposal because of its amazing advantages. Heart attack, breast cancer, and stroke are common health challenges that affect many people…especially women. Heart attacks, as many have previously believed, were considered a disease of ‘seniors.’ However,...



We are entering an era where the significant and amazing accomplishments of the Hispanic population are finally being recognized on a large scale. Instead of being ignored and enduring past negative, hurtful stereotypes here in the U.S., the Hispanic community is experiencing a surge in cultural appreciation and growth....


Powerball Confessions of a Personal Financial Planner

As I wrapped up a financial planning presentation with clients last week, we laughed when we realized we were all going to buy Powerball tickets on our way home that evening. With the jackpot at over $600 million at the time, a lot of us who might not normally play the lottery had already started counting our Powerball...