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Endearingly described by many as a Modern Day Guru, Tsikki Thau donates countless hours of her time to enrich the lives of members in her community and throughout the world. An expert in the fields of breath therapy, meditation, mind-over body techniques, and healing, Tsikki Thau encourages people to love and embrace the truth that resonates within themselves.

Tsikki is a renowned holistic consultant, energy psychologist, author, life strategist, and philanthropist. She finds time to volunteer in her community as the founder and CEO of Offir's Dream, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to raise awareness for brain cancer research and provide a loving support system to the ill and terminally ill. Above all else, she balances her career with family as a loving wife and dedicated mother of three.

The Science of Healing

A renowned teacher in the field of Meditation, the Science of Breath Therapy & the Energy to Success, Tsikki has been practicing and guiding her clients for over 25 years. The motivating factor that inspires Tsikki Thau to help others comes from her own personal story.

Body Mind and Soul LLC

Tsikki Thau is the Founder and CEO of Body Mind and Soul LLC. She personally provides: Energy Alignments, The Science of Breath Therapy, The Energy to Success, Health and Fitness Awareness, Business Coaching, Personal Guidance, Stress Management techniques, as well as Seminars and Workshops.

The Energy to Success

Through many years of experience in the field of guiding others, Tsikki Thau has developed a transformational program filled with tools and collected wisdom to succeed in all avenues of life. She offers seminars, personal mentoring and workbooks on The Energy to Success worldwide.

Business Coach and Personal Mentor

As a Business Coach and Personal Mentor, Tsikki Thau has designed and developed programs for all ages including; children’s color therapy, individual and group sessions for teens, family programs, trauma release sessions for all ages, as well as adult and elderly therapies.


Tsikki Thau is the celebrated author of Color Me Love. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book are donated to Saint Jude’sChildren’s Research Hospital.

Guided Mediation CD

Tsikki Thau’s Heartbeat Meditation combines guided imagery, sound therapy, energy psychology, and science of breath techniques to treat insomnia, stress, trauma, and all physical, emotional, and spiritual matters of the heart.


Tsikki Thau is the Founder and CEO of Offir’s Dream Foundation dedicated to raising financial resources and providing a loving support system for the terminally ill and their families. “In loving memory of Offir Thau.”

Health and Fitness Guru

Tsikki Thau developed the “Thau Yoga System” which includes Yoga and Energy Movement to create a Mind, Body and Soul transformation.

Chamber of Commerce

Board Member of the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.

My Vegas Magazine

Tsikki Thau is a featured author in MyVegas Magazine as well as other accredited publications: Fox 5, Channel 13, Channel 3, The Ed Bernstein Show, 702ROX, Spotlight on Vegas Business, Unified Healing, & New Vista.


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