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Before I started blogging, I heard a lot of, find your motivation, what is your motivation in life?, and a question I kept asking myself was, how do I find motivation? How are all these people talking about motivation finding the spark to do it. Then it happened to me, like a flash of lighting, it was staring me in the face. The birth of my daughter was my motivation to get off my ass and do something productive. Being home on maternity leave with her was fun but with the continuous downward curve of the economy and my husband losing his job, an extra income was needed. I needed to work fast to secure her and our family financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What is motivation?

Motivation is an internal or external process that makes a person move toward a goal.

Before my daughter was born, I worked two jobs to help keep the home afloat. I always had to wake up at dawn in order to catch my bus which would take me to the train station to continue my journey. Within this hustle and bustle life, I got married, and had my first kid. One evening I sat down to watch the movie Gandhi and that was when it hit me. I had to fight and make life better for my daughter. I wanted to give her a comfortable life and deep down I knew I could do it. In my life my motivation to pursue my dreams was my daughter. I knew I had to give her a better life than what was before her. Working menial jobs and always struggling to pay the bills and thinking whether my next pay check would be enough to cater for her needs and that of the household was enough for me to get up and decide to change my circumstance.

Motivation has to come from deep within. You have to yearn for it and believe that whatever you are about to embark on will pay off. You have to put all doubt and negativity away. You have to surround yourself with positive thinkers and like minded people. Gandhi says "A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes."

I am able to spend time with my daughter and do the things I love. Do not be afraid of what others might think. In the end it is your story not theirs.


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