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The Essence of You


Have you ever wondered why the question "what is the essence of being a woman?" seems to be one of the top questions being asked in almost all beauty pageants? There are a lot of them who won the crown because of their straightforward answers to this powerful question thus making us wonder what it really means to be a woman. In the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant, Susmita Sen of India was asked "what is the essence of being a woman?", her answer was simple yet straight to the point, "Just being a woman is God's gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman."

The essence of you

What are you like when no one else is looking? What are your innermost thoughts, desires, and aspirations? How would you describe your core beliefs and morals? How do you cope up with life’s challenges? Are you a good example to your fellows, to your kids and to your spouse? How do you treat your family and the people around you? What makes up the basics of your personality? The answers to these questions make up your essence. Defining your essence can be challenging; but it can also be rewarding. The best thing about your essence is that it is unique, differentiating you from everyone else.

Find your essence by making the connection

Finding your essence means exploring your inner world to learn what makes you special and letting that guide your actions. The process may be painful because it means a no holds bars look at your inner world.

IF who you really are does not tieup with how others describe you— that is perfectly fine because as a person, we are responsible to know ourselves better than anyone else. We need self-actualization before making the connection and doing so doesn’t have to be depositing oneself just to satisfy other people. You may be doing yourself harm by believing the worst of what others has to say. The same applies to disbelieving all the wonderful ways others describe you so if you know in your heart who you really are, choose a manner that better connects your essence to your work life, friendship, and romantic life. Your essence should permeate everything you do.

The true essence of a woman

A woman who embraces her own femininity—brave to face any situation and will stand for what is right is the true essence of being a woman. You are who you are, therefore what you do and think manifests your action. Being simply you can affect people’s lives and that’s how radiant you should be as a woman—a model for everyone. Coping with life’s challenges no matter how tough these obstacles may be as well as loving unconditionally and being forgiving are the true essence of being a woman. So, in all aspect of life, a woman must be the bright – giving all that you are capable of giving and at the same time resilient to stand up when no one else does.

As a woman we must all know what our trues essence is. What’s yours?

Know your essence, know your worth

It is important to know your essence because it contributes to knowing your worth. When a person knows their worth they know how to shape their world. They surround themselves with people who feed their spirit instead of stealing from it. They are able to touch the lives of others simply by being themselves. Comfort comes just as easily from solitude as from socialization because of their inner security. Happiness is easier to sustain because they are active participants in their lives. Discover your essence and become the best person possible, confident, satisfied, and full of joy and most of all genuine.


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