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When You Marry Her; She is Always First

There has been a social media meme that sparked a debate.  The meme has a visual representation of four individuals and poses the question “Who Comes First?”. The four individuals are of a Mother, Wife, Daughter, and Baby Mother. Immediately I thought to myself, “why are we describing the mother of the child as a baby mother?”...
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Entitlement in Society

Often I hear people talk about how some individuals think they should be given everything without having to work for it. Parents eager to be friends with their children are sometimes treated as ATMs who are expected to dispense twenty dollar bills without question. Students often think they should get good marks without handing in assignments...
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Bullying Ends A Promising Future

Today’s news is filled with tragic and sad stories. It has, unfortunately, become part of our everyday expectations. Sometimes though, we’ll come across a story that should serve as a true “cautionary” tale. This is indeed the case with the story of 21-year-old Olivia Moody. It was not very long ago, that Olivia was a recent...
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