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Lourdes Colon

Lourdes was an actress on the peak of her career was securing roles on hit television series and movies. But her battle and victory over cancer, through all natural means, helped her realize her true calling! The documentary "Create Option C" tells this amazing and inspirational journey of this courageous honoree. Now, she helps and...
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Zenay Arnold – Burton

Zenay is Co-founder of The “WE WIN” foundation, founded in 2013 along with her sister, actress/ singer Tichina Arnold. It was formed to help individuals, as well as the families and caregivers who support those suffering with Lupus and other related autoimmune diseases. This honoree is also a survivor of this disease....
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Dr. Sherrie Campbell

Dr. Campbell is a licensed Psychologist with over nineteen years of clinical training and experience. She earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003, where she specialized in psychotherapy with adults and teenagers. She has worked with individuals, couples, groups, and families coping with relationship difficulties, sexual abuse, grief, childhood trauma, sexual issues....
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Tatisa Joiner

Tatisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. 12 years later, she continues to thrive and help other women deal with the removal of a breast as this issue presents has many challenges for a woman. Her foundation, aptly named after her, delivers the message that the breast does not define a woman. Her foundation...
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Dr. Tequila L. Hill

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. she is a licensed therapist in the state of Georgia and Florida. For more than a decade she has worked with individuals and families from all backgrounds. Her practice focuses on a strength based, holistic, and collaborative approach. Through this approach, she helps her...
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