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Monika Wiela

Monika was a rising marketing executive in Poland (she introduced the KitKat bar to the Poles) but moved to Chicago in 2006. She started her own business exporting shoes back to Poland and in 2012 opened a Web retailer called, specializing in affordable but racy footwear. Inspired by the plight of the homeless and the...
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Peytyn Willborn

Peytyn was married to comedian and radio personality, George Willborn, and was his manager for a number of years. But she has since become a highly successful "serial" entrepreneur, creating and successfully operating multiple businesses. Her passion is helping the next generation in creating businesses and true wealth. Her "Future Moguls" initiative teaches business constructs...
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Vunzai Yeazel

Vunzai, Founder and CEO of the Gorgeous Within project, was born in America and raised in Zimbabwe. She has been exposed to many challenges and experiences. She is an innovative teacher and experienced business consultant. She received an M.A. in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from Columbia College and was then invited to join the...
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Monika Rydzewski

Monika launched Connect.Inspire.Grow. a marketing communications platform consisting of social media and video marketing, high value networking events, and philanthropic activities. She is a Videopreneur, Video Blogger, Video Marketing Consultant and all around Video Marketing Expert.  She coaches, trains, and consults small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to effectively incorporate video into their marketing strategies....
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