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BIBO Awards Introduces Outstanding Green Crusader Category

Women are the biggest consumers and make most of the decisions around food choices, cleaning products, and clothing in the home. But, ironically, they are not in the forefront of the current green movement initiatives. The BIBO Awards are filling that gap by bringing recognition and awareness to the hard-working, unsung female...
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Traci S. Campbell supports Face PR launch

In an age where social media reigns supreme in promoting your personal or business brand, your online and offline image is extremely important to your success. BIBO Awards and C.H.A.M.P. Community Project founder, Traci S. Campbell, was a speaker at the launch of FACEPR and FACEBookingU on October 11, 2015. FACEPR and FACEBookingU are groundbreaking...
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BIBO AWARDS Show Tour 2015: A Sonorous Hollywood, Las Vegas & Chicago Hit!

BIBO AWARDS: Beauty In/ Beauty Out 2015 Hollywood, LasVegas, Chicago, 13.10.2015, 04:50 Time BondGirl007eNewsRoom - BIBO AWARDS SHOW Tour 2015 glows with success as it touts its "BeautyIn/BeautyOut" motto descriptive and award culture of celebrating beauty in role models + women in leadership: "Its Time To REDEFINE...AND CELEBRATE YOUR SHINE!" “It our duty as well, as well as...
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