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Men Show Their love for the Ladies of the BIBO Awards

“Behind every great man is a great woman” is one of the quintessential slogans of feminist movement. However, at the BIBO Awards, several great men were standing behind and beside the amazing women in each BIBO Awards city. These men came out to support the mission of the BIBO Awards, which currently held in Chicago,...
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BIBO Awards Put the Spotlight on Incredible Local Talent

Each year, the selected awardees and guests walk the purple caret, dine on incredible food, and are interviewed by local media. But, what is an award show without great entertainment? The BIBO Awards, currently in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, offers its stage to amazing local talent to help celebrate the accomplishments of women...
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BIBO Awards Celebrate Young Women of Promise

Generation Me (also known as Generation Y or Millennials) is often perceived as the self-centered and technology obsessed generation. They are classified as being adverse to commitment and do not understand the notion of real hard work. The BIBO Starlet Award celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional young, millennial women between the ages of 13-23. A...
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