BIBO Future Starlets Recognition

Welcome! Each month, we will "celebrate" young women (ages 13-23) who are making a direct impact, daily, just by excelling in certain middle or high school courses and/or college majors. These monthly celebrations allow us to share the BIBO vision with young women...our future leaders.... from all walks of life!

The future starlet campaign for the month of June will highlight exceptional:

Healthcare / Health Administration Majors

Use this form to nominate your favorite woman in the above category to receive:

  • Framed custom certificate of recognition and praise
  • A $300 cash prize
  • An interview on our podcast ("Inside Out w/ Traci S. Campbell") -- Over 30K listeners every month!
  • Formal announcement on our social media and website....Thousands of visitors and followers daily!

You’ll be glad you did!

Directions: Please fill in the fields below. AND....we MUST have a picture of this incredible lady that is being nominated! Please attach that pic below.

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