The BIBO Awards recognizes exceptional female leaders and role models in communities across the U.S. at our glamorous awards shows (where they receive the coveted Reflection Award Trophy) in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. But....THROUGHOUT the year, we strive to recognize the incredible women that may be right in your own neighborhood! These women are making an impact via their daily activities: at work and at school!

The BIBO Career Women Recognition campaign is our NEW MONTHLY campaign that brings attention to working ladies in areas such as nursing, hair & makeup, fitness instruction, teaching, cooking, single motherhood, etc. that deserve an applause for their daily contributions!

The Future Starlets Recognition Campaign is our NEW MONTHLY campaign that seeks out the brightest young women (ages 13-23) who are excelling, academically, at the middle, high school and collegiate levels. These young women may even go forth to become eligible to receive the Reflection Award trophy as a BIBO Starlet in the near future!

Get involved! Tell us about a lady or young woman that deserves a token of appreciation for her important, everyday works!