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Stress: A Woman’s Worse Enemy?


What is stress? Stress could be defined as an emotional or mental strain – it could be the result of a demanding or adverse situation. Every human is faced with stress, however, we shall be dealing with women in this article because it has been found that women are victims of stress more than men – we will be considering the side–effects of stress on women.

Whatever the cause may be (could be because of the woman’s makeup), the fact is that women may experience depression twice as much of what men may experience. Furthermore, women are three times more suicidal than men because they suffer anxiety disorders more. Some have attributed the causes of stress in women to the fact that women are so sensitive, but the truth? No one can say for certain why it is so in women.

What, then, are the symptoms of stress, and what are the risks associated with stress? There is a wide range of symptoms of stress, some of which are: hostility or anger, depression, reduced concentration, tensed feeling, recurring mood swing, poor memory, the feeling of helplessness, increase in the consumption of alcohol, pessimistic thoughts, and so on. The risks associated with stress are: aches of different forms – backache, headache, etc., accidents, dysfunctionality in sexuality, infections and colds, different forms of disorders – eating disorder, skin disorder, immune disorder, bowel disorder, etc., ulcers, cancer, and so on.

Stress in women, has been attributed to some factors as genetic predisposition, hormonal differences, longevity of life, and so on. About genetic predisposition? Succinct records of family history and studies carried out on identical and fraternal twin have shown that women are more prone to depression than men. What about hormonal differences? Hormone levels have been noted as one of the symptoms of depression, and since women experience fluctuations in their levels of hormone more, they are likely to suffer depression more than men. One of the major causes of changes in hormone levels in women is the menstrual cycle. Another is menopause. Not to be left out is longevity of life. It has been studied and found out that life expectancy is higher in women than in men, meaning that women live longer than men. Since women live longer, they will most likely experience the trauma of old age, which include depreciation in physical health, sadness, loneliness, and others. All these factors associated with old age culminate to depression.

It is now clear that stress for women seem to be inevitable! However, stress can be managed? How can women better cope with stress? What activities can women take part in to relieve them from stress?

For women to better manage stress, it is quite important for them to make out time for leisure. Leisure periods give your body and system the time to rejuvenate, but when you do not make out time to relax, how do you want your body to regenerate and become refreshed? That is not going to happen! Therefore, make setting out leisure periods a must to enhance your system functionality, thus better manage stress. Furthermore, women are ‘human pleasers’ so to speak. Women are in the habit of working effortlessly to help others at the expense of taking care of themselves. So, instead of trying to be everything to everyone, women should not be scared or hesitant to ask for help if the situation calls for it. They should be easy on themselves by not doing too many things at a time – they should assign jobs to other people if that’s what will ease them of stress.

Now, what are the activities that women can take part in to relieve them from stress? Even though there are lot of things that can be thought of, here are some basic things women can take part in: reading (after all women like reading novels, stories, and other stuff), napping (very essential), listening to good music, dancing, hanging out with friends, taking of bath regularly, walking, making out time to reflect on spiritual matters, engaging in breathing exercises, visiting the spa often (for body massage), and so on.

If you find it difficult to do all the things aforementioned, then it is high time you visited a psychotherapist, go for relaxation training, and more.

Always remember that your good health and well–being is a great asset you do not want to replace with anything, so do whatever that is reasonably possible to relieve yourself of stress and live life and enjoy it the way it is meant to be!


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