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Practical Ways to Gain Mental Strength


Practical Ways to Gain Mental Strength

The effect of modern science and technology greatly changed our life more than anything else. While it has advantages and disadvantages, its negative effect in one’s life socially and psychologically seems to be increasingly damaging. It is undoubtedly true that we spend most of our precious time using our iPhones, android, iPad or mobile phones because it is our way of socializing and working; we use it for shopping and even booking so there’s really no wonder that the development of technology benefits us well. However, it is equally alarming how the advances in technology seriously affect our health and lifestyle.

Stress and anxiety, inability to concentrate at work, depression and anger are just few of the many possible things you may be suffering from due to modern lifestyle but possibly ignoring because you find it a waste of time to think about it. In reality, these psychological issues need immediate attention. Putting it aside can certainly damage your work and life in general; simply put, you must be healthy physically and mentally.

The need for equilibrium

There is no denying that one must have a healthy mind in order to be successful. Once your mind starts to deteriorate, so does your physical health. How can you take care of yourself if you’re psychologically disturbed? How does one live without the mind working completely? There is a great connection between the mind and the body and in order to live productively, we should have a healthy body and mind.

Self-reflection is one of the most crucial things we need to do every now and then to help us become successful.  It would help to know what your sentiments are right now, what are your dreams, your feelings, and your condition in life.  Are you happy? Are you still interested to meet new friends, find and try new activities? Do you feel loved at all times? Do you feel calm most of the time? Through these questions, you will distinguish how satisfied and happy with your life now but if you have been feeling depressed, unable to sleep at night, unable to focus and bothered by trapped emotions, there must be something wrong with your psychological health and while it has not affected your physical health significantly, we need to determine the factors affecting your emotions.

The teaching of the father of medicine—Hippocrates, regarding the connection of the body and mind has been taught from generation to generation. He believed that physical activities help maintain a healthy body and mind. Without physical activities, obviously, our physical health will decline. This is also exactly the reason why when we are in good physical shape, we think more rapidly and positively. It’s simple and rational. Picture yourself starving; will you be able to work productively? Of course not; it is because in order for you to think efficiently, you must first gratify your hunger—your body. It is bewildering how some people still think that there is no connection between emotional and physical health and what’s totally hurtful is that a lot of people seem to focus more on one’s physical fitness when it fact both physical and mental well-being are equally essential. Imagine you are physically fit but mentally disturbed, do you think you can function well?

Practical ways to gain mental strength

It is very important to understand the connection between the two and it is in the same way important to determine how we can cope up with today’s innovation in order to have a well and balanced life.

  1. Recognize the problem-Identifying your problems which are affecting your life personally and socially can help you find peace of mind and adapt to this constantly changing world.
  2. Take a break-If you think you are no longer the person you ought to be and that you are no longer in control of your own life because of the pressure of the modern society, it’s time to take a break before it is too late.
  3. Sit back, relax and love yourself-If you have been feelings depressed because of loss relationship or employment, sit back and relax. Depression can gradually kill you and it does not help to betray yourself by going astray. Loving oneself is as important as loving someone else.
  4. Take time to meditate-If you have been feeling stressed lately, take time to meditate—free yourself from the hustle and bustle of your surroundings and be at the present time where you can only hear your heartbeat. Meditate and feel the calmness of your inner self. This helps you focus on the most important things in your life.
  5. Share the pain- There are times when you no longer feel in control but fearful of reaching out because of the negative thoughts you have in mind. Sharing the pain only to those who you really trust most helps you feel better. Sometimes, all we need is to voice out our innermost feelings to feel dynamic again.
  6. Rediscover yourself- Tough situations will come and go and it is always an opportunity to rediscover yourself in every rough circumstance. Learn from your mistakes and develop your personality. You are precious and you have all the skills you need in order to survive each and every threatening situation.
  7. Positive thinking- Negative thoughts affect our body and emotions and unless we are capable of controlling our mind from thinking negative, we’ll be destined to suffer its painful result.
  8. Eat healthy- when you are depressed, you tend to lose appetite (although to some it goes the other way around wherein they tend to eat more when depressed which is also very unhealthy). To some, alcohol and caffeine are the perfect solution to avoid the pain of their emotions not knowing that this critically affects the brain and body.

At times, we feel that this modern world has given us so much more than we can deal with and it’s not surprising why we seem to be always stress out day in and day out—bombarded by the many activities we have to do. If you will let this modernization spin you around, you will never experience tranquility within yourself and this could lead to a more serious state. Remember that the true essence of living is finding peace with oneself—when you are at peace with yourself, you will be able to think positively.



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