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Phyllis Rodgers


Phyllis Rodgers is Founder and President of Peer Plus Education and Training Advocates. Peer Plus was formed in 2002, in response of the need to educate the African American community. Peer Plus provides vital resources on health disparities that directly affect families, whom are either uninsured or underinsured with limited resources. Her passion is to educate those in need and at the level of their understanding and empower them to be knowledgeable and confident in accessing services. Peer Plus has a staff of six with more than 20 volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds that are dedicated to Peer Plus mission and vision.

She is ambitious, assertive, compassionate, and above all a hero. Her unwavering faith steams from knowing that God has no limits on what she can do. With this assurance she is motivated to make positive differences in the lives of those impacted by Peer Plus. Phyllis has more than 20 years of service in the health care industry. She is the proud, loving wife of Bruce Rodgers and has two beautiful children, Bruce Jr, and Tiffany.


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