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Patrice Curry, wife of former NBA Player Eddy Curry. She appeared on the reality show, Basketball Wives. She has a book called "Still Smiling", a book of 10 short stories of children coping with death. It has been translated in Spanish. “STILL SMILING” illustrates how love can help overcome loss and tragedy, and provides a look at grief through the eyes of children from all walks of life.

Patrice is raising their 7 children, including her younger sister. She had to deal with adultery and other common troubles of being with a league player. Her parents emigrated from Belize in 1977 and Patrice grew up in a suburb of Chicago, IL. Her mother passed away in 2001 from complications of HIV/AIDS, one month after Curry received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from DePaul University. Soon after her mother’s death, Curry became an advocate for the HIV/AIDS prevention campaign, helping young people better understand how the disease is contracted. Her inspiration to write this book was born out of her own personal experience of losing her mother too soon.

Patrice also has a clothing line and she is also working on a cartoon TV show loosely based on her family.


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