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Never Too Old to Go for A Run – Women Marathon Runners Over 65

Mature woman running in race

Most would agree that strengths tend to fade with advancement in years. Normally, if an 80 year old were to compete in a race against a 25 year old, everyone will definitely bet on the younger person to win. But now, as more mature persons are taking better care of their overall health, we cannot rush absolutely rely on age as a deciding factor. More accurately, we have to look at factors such as diet, mindset, and how well you physically train. An 80 year old who takes part in training on a daily basis may actually win a race against someone much younger that as neither jogged nor go for any race training his entire life. To prove that this is not just a cooked up ideology, let us consider 2 mature women who have proven that you can engage in races (marathons or sprints) irrespective of your age – yes, you are never too old for a run!

The Amazing Rose Green

Rose Green is a 77 year old sprinter who lives in Prince George’s country, Maryland. Of the people in her age group, she’s the fastest. What’s even more amazing is that Green started taking part in sport just two years ago (2014), and she has already set reputable records within this short period. Green has been reported to have won medals in many competitions, which included the 200–meter and the 400–meter races. Nationwide, she has holds the record of the fastest amidst people of her age group in the 60–meter sprint. Green, already a grandmother, makes time for training with her coach, Cortez Austin, who is also her lover. Even though these two people are seeing each other romantically, Green said that when it is time for training, Austin does not see her as his girlfriend, so she does not receive any preferential treatment from him – he will tell her when her form isn’t right and when she is not running as fast as she could. Green is already a local celebrity and her effortlessness has been a motivating factor for other runners to keep striving to greatness!

The Unstoppable Anne Garrett

Another example that proves that it is never too late to run is Anne Garrett. Garrett is an 80 year old who lives in Oceanside, California. She took part is a marathon competition that was organized for women ages 80 to 84, and she set an unofficial time record of 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 23 seconds (02:13:23). Garrett said that she did not even pay attention to the time until she got to the finish line. Garrett has been taking part in the half marathon competitions for 9 years, and she is not ready to quit now. She took part in the competition in 2014, setting a record of 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 58 seconds (02:14:58) – she was faster by close to 2 minutes in 2015, and said maybe she will even do better this year. Garrett is advanced in years, but has not retired from running. However, she will be more selective about the kinds of race competitions she’ll be taking part in henceforth.

Rose Green and Anne Garrett prove that if running is your passion, you can be a runner for life, irrespective of your age! If you want to give racing a try, you are advised to start with short distances though, especially if it is your first time. Gradually, you can build up on your pace and increase the distances. With the right motivation, training, and diet, you can keep racing because you are never too old for a run!


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