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My Thoughts on Procrastination


This is a tough topic to discuss because right now as I'm writing this I'm procrastinating. I could be researching and writing my eBook on drop shipping, improving my eBook on car camping, or beginning to write any other eBook on one of the topics I am knowledgeable and passionate about. I could also be brainstorming which niche I want to create a website for next. I could be researching domain names, planning a marketing calendar for November, I could be doing social media blasts. If I really wanted to I could go somewhere and film a talking-head video about whichever topic I wanted to. I could also go set up a tripod and film myself skateboarding. I could literally be doing a million different pro-active things right now, but instead I'm writing a blog about why I'm not.

It turns out I'm not the only one procrastinating. Millions of people every day are pushing aside the projects that would stand to make the biggest difference in the world and bring them the most financial gain to instead cruise their Facebook feed, watch a YouTube video, or talk with their friends. While I'm a big fan of connecting with people, relaxing, and observing the world, I am also a big fan of producing. I love to create things. I am a natural artist, and see the world in a different way than most thanks to skateboarding. I'm a photographer and love to put photos together in my mind. Whenever I encounter something I think would make a great picture, I stop and take a minute to compose it, snap it and post it to Instagram.

With all this talk of procrastination and short attention spans, you might ask how can I stop procrastinating and become a more productive person? Well, the short answer is you can or you can't, but whichever way you see it, you're probably right. If you say you can do it, you'll be able to do it pretty easily. Just stop doing what you're doing, figure out what you should be doing to either make a difference in the world or bring in more money, and start doing that instead. Sometimes that means reading a book. Sometimes that means working out. Sometimes it means meditation. It often means bettering ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually first so that we can make a bigger difference in the world around us.

In conclusion I'd like to offer a thought-provoking challenge: Do what you don't want to do. If that means 20 pushups, do it. If that means eating a salad instead of pizza, do it. If that means reading, writing, building, creating, showing compassion, or giving something to someone for free, just do it. Get into that state of mind of gratefulness, and excitement again. This will usually pull you out of the depression of procrastination, and into the invigoration that is a life of learning, creating, and spreading ideas. Good luck!


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