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Lauren LaRay Collins


Lauren is a 3rd grade Honor Roll student at Tartan Elementary school in North Las Vegas. Lauren is the star of her own YouTube channel where she teaches other little girls how to make doll crafts out of household items. So she loves crafting and teaching others how to craft.

Lauren's best friend Celina's little sister has cancer (in remission now) and Lauren felt bad for what she was going through; especially losing her hair. Lauren said that made her think that there are a lot of little girls that have to go through losing their hair and she wanted to do something to make them feel better. Lauren and I watch YouTube videos in regards to hair all the time and we saw a video of a lady making a Crocheted wig and it was simple. Lauren said she wanted to try it out. She did her first one and it came out great! She recorded the video and it became an instant hit on YouTube. Lauren then decided she would like to make at least 10 to donate to girls with cancer around Las Vegas. We then reached out to the NCCF to see if it would be okay if she donated some to Camp Cartwheel (Summer Camp in Las Vegas for Children with Cancer). They said that would be awesome. Lauren has been making them ever since.

Lauren is working so hard to make these little girls happy and she constantly says she is not doing this for the attention she just wants to see a smile on these girls faces.


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