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Jena Schreiber


Jena exemplifies beauty in and beauty out in all she does. She works full time, serving underdeveloped children across the Chicagoland area, five days a week as a behavior analyst. In addition to her work with people, Jena dedicates seven days a week to saving every dog that needs a helping hand. A 10-hour drive to transport a dog to his or her forever home is just another Saturday for her. Giving these animals a first, second, or third chance at a happy life is her true passion. She strives to place them into as many loving families as there are homes. Jena is someone who carries dog treats and a leash everywhere she goes in case she encounters a stray dog that needs to be reunited with their owner, or introduced to their new family.

Jena's animal advocacy journey is just beginning. She plans to start her own rescue and amass all the resources necessary to expand her network of dog savers.  The number of dogs' lives that Jena has saved is well into the triple digits. But her best characteristic is that she doesn't view this as her helping others. It's her mission, her purpose and she will forever be the voice for those who do not have one.


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