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How to Be Your OWN Motivator!


Motivation wells from the heart. If you want to accomplish something, the process of constant thought about the goal coupled with determination will help you achieve that goal. So it is imperative that you become a skilled self-motivator. There are a number of things that can help you with motivation, and here we will share some ways that self-motivation can be enhanced.

Keep in mind that simply taking the steps to get started towards your goal is a major accomplishment in itself. So simply starting is a key to motivation. Whatever it is that motivates you should be strong enough to give you the starting impetus and the will to go on.

Do not stop learning. For instance, if you are working on a new project, dig up all of the information that you can find on that project and use the information to your advantage. When you have gathered enough information about a project, and become more familiar with the content, you will be more confident and more motivated to carry on with the project.

Tune out the negative. Often times, influences around us make it quite difficult to remain focused (others may give negative remarks about our concepts and ideas, and that could be discouraging). However, optimism is an essential push that motivates you to do a thing. Even though the project you want to embark on may be difficult or seem to lofty to those around you, always endeavor to see the good things in those challenges and embrace the new knowledge and insights you will acquire through forging through the process – optimism will keep the fire burning in you!

Avoid self-sabotage. Sometimes, you can sabotage your project before you get starting simply by focusing on how seemingly daunting it is. Thus, it is advisable that you start as soon as possible. That forward momentum to “jump right in” will provide more courage for to keep up with the progress of the project.

Be aware of your moods. Appraise yourself and figure out the periods you lack motivation and the times you actually feel like a superstar. Once you are able to identify these moments, then you already have a pattern. Work around this pattern and endeavor to achieve more during those periods you feel like a superstar!

Do not forget to inform close associates on your plans. It is not a bad idea to let a select few know about your plans. Share your concepts with a few family members and friends that have proven supportive in the past. When you see these positive people thriving in their individual endeavors, you may be more motivated to start your own project. Also remember to record your successes and progress as you work on the project in a journal– looking back at those good successes will motivate you to keep it up!

Do not let a day pass by without working on your project. Even a little progress is still progress! And, it usually takes the average person 25-28 days of consistent effort to achieve a habit. If you make it a habit to achieve something daily, your interest in the project will be enhanced, thus, assisting you in to achieving your goal.

When you find it difficult to carry on alone, do not hesitate to ask for help. Look for family members or friends you know have your success at heart and who are also successful in their own endeavors. Speak with them to help you out when you feel stuck and choked. Remember, two heads are better than one. So do not stubbornly go on alone when you hit a roadblock or you may stall your own success!

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the suggestions above.  However, keeping these ideas in mind when you approach a task will enable you to overcome external as well as internal forces of sabotage. And, will allow you to possibly see results much faster in the process.


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