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Delece Williams

Delece Williams

Recently, Delece Williams was awarded from the National Child Labor Committee of New York, the Lewis Hines Award for her 20 year commitment and dedication of making a difference in the lives of children in the city of Chicago while shielding them from abuse through her locally produced television show and helping to cure youth violence through community outreach with her youth organization, Kidz Korna, NFP (motto – from the corners to opportunities).

Her toy/gift giveaway event has always been a way to connect with youth providing anti-violence initiatives to an audience of thousands as they would stand in long lines, but she knew that most vulnerable youth needed more.The recipients would be of low-income families and often hopeful unemployed young people would come out looking for something too.

With the help of this company following her work throughout the years they surprised her with the affordability to invite companies to pass out jobs applications, scholarship information and training programs for Christmas to help them avoid a life of crime, especially now that unemployment for youth is at very high numbers.

Delece has received numerous awards and accolades from the CPS Safe Haven Faith-based Award Ceremony, Comed Neighborhood Honor Award, Oprah’s Angel Network, 5 honorable mentions from the Hoodie Awards Ceremony, V103 hometown neighborhood award, Community Recognition from her Ward Alderman Howard Brookins, Selected by Professional Actress TeKeyah Crystal Kemah, TV Mom of That So Raven to receive an award from her organization. Chicago House Music Award, Illinois Prevent Child Abuse Acknowledgment Pendant from Sergeant Millicent Bess and more for the work that she single-handedly provides in the community.

For years Kidz Korna, Delece’s grass-root family youth site operation set in the middle of a 4 cornered war-zone formally located at 7907 s. Ashland where each corner of the intersection was claimed as a different gang turf by the local gang affiliated residence, young and old.

HerKidz Korna TV Show, which the first taping took place in 1995, as a community youth centered production project to get parents involved with violence prevention activities as the young people would help Delece put together forums for open dialogue.The show became a magnet for young people wanting helping from being abused in their homes.Secretly, Delece would get phone calls from kids watching the show to be rescued out of very abusive situations in their homes.

Numerous Public performance child abuse awareness campaigns were birthed from the phone calls, Delece and the kids formed the Wall of Courage Project, and she began bringing the performance traveling project down to the Daley Center on a yearly basis and lots of neighborhood festivals as a public outcry to advocate on behalf child abuse victims. Much to Delece’s surprise parents would come up and seek out ways of getting help from abusing their children. And that’s when she partnered with Illinois Prevent Child Abuse for solutions.

The Kidz Korna TV Show is now in regular re-run rotation for Can-television and peeked interest on a network in Romania.

Delece has an A.A degree in Liberal Arts and a Doctorate’s in practical counseling for youth services, a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Communications where she serves the office of Evangelism in ministry, hosting a daily morning prayer line for counseling.

To date Delece has helped over 15 youth organizations get started around the city.The most unforgettable moment for her was seeing the Kidz Korna youth group help to launch the start of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson’s late nephew’s Toy drive.

He is internationally known as the King of House Music, Farley Jackmaster funk, one of the House Music Creators.She makes executive decisions for his brand to enhance the quality of youth and families through House Music. Over the course of their working relationship span, for 20 years now she’s been able to assist over 25,000 families with their philanthropy work.


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