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“Live performances are meant to inspire memories” so says this Mt Pleasant, TX born recording artist “ Dae Juan ’’ who  has opened up for and/or tour with the likes of  Idina Menzel  David Guetta, Shaggy,  DJ Juanito  and  just to name a few.

This top 40 artist is like no other.

He plays 10 different instruments, but with regard to his instrument of choice the bass guitar, few can put on a show like Dae Juan’. He is as versatile performer as you will ever see. His concerts are like no other.

He performs every instrument and voice you hear on every track on every song on his music.

From being a lead vocalist and bassist in a variety of garage bands as a youth Dae Juan’ who’s name comes from a sordid past involving a childhood friend who committed suicide, has evolved and served as a Ghost producer for some of the top names in the business.

As a solo Artist/Producer Dae Juan is one of the most exciting acts on the planet. The energy with his dancers and unique style and showmanship is truly like no other. The infusion of popular music with his prowess on his bass guitar solo live is something that has never been done as effective as he does.

Dae Juan can be seen touring the country thrilling audiences coast to coast in a concert venue near you.

We are proud to announce that Dae Juan will be performing at the 2016 BIBO Awards (Beauty In/Beauty Out) in Los Angeles on Oct. 1st and Las Vegas on Oct. 8th. Dae Juan wrote, composed and produced their theme song, BIBO Award Song (click above).  For more info go to:  www.biboawards.com

Dae Juan has amassed great success as the "King of EDM".  Here are a just a few of those accomplishments!:

**  His hit, "We Going Out", ranked #1 in Los Angeles, #1 in California, #1 USA and #2 World Wide on the largest musicians website on the planet, "Reverbnation".  These rankings were released on May 24, 2016.

**  He has had 1.4 million streams and downloads on Soundcloud in just four in half weeks of its release.

**  His song entitled, "Let's Go" that has also gotten over 1 million streams and downloads on Soundcloud in a few weeks.

**  His tracks are the most downloaded songs on the largest DJ pool in the country

**  Dae Juan' s music is being played on radio stations around the world.

**  Nominated by the Akademia Award for "Best New Artist of the Year".

**  The curation team at Reverbnation has selected him as the "Best New Artist of the Year in Dance Music"!

The critics love him too! Take a look at the critic reviews for Dae Juan: