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Confidence Is Attractive But Arrogance Is Repulsive In Dating

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Almost all women want their men to be confident creatures, who can rule the world with their self-assured mannerisms. To women, confidence is attractive and they tend to respect such men who demonstrate a high degree of self-confidence. If you are a confident man, then you will definitely know how to carry yourself in anything that you wear; you will be able to conduct yourself well even among a group of strangers; and you will also know how to stand up and speak for yourself.

Indeed, confidence is attractive because a confident man always remains in the limelight; whether he is at a party, in a meeting or in a classroom. Confidence is contagious – in the sense that if you try to stay in the company of confident people, you will experience the same confidence infused in yourself. Therefore, a confident man tends to be surrounded by many people all the time, who draw inspiration from him.

A confident man can always turn any adverse situation to his advantage and quiet his rivals with witty and taut replies. He will never accept defeat and therefore, his partners will always be sure of a secure future. Since women have such strong motherly instincts they feel highly secure in the company of confident men, who, in their opinion, can act as a good provider to her children. Moreover, confidence is attractive because confident men induce confidence in others around them.

There exists a thin line between confidence and arrogance. When a person crosses this line and bends towards arrogance, it becomes difficult to handle such men. No longer is his confidence is attractive – his arrogance becomes repulsive and people no longer cherish his presence because his words leave behind a caustic and pungent taste, thereby hurting people around him.

Arrogant men are often poor listeners and simply cut a woman while she is talking to him or relating to some incident. Moreover, winning becomes an obsession with such arrogant men and they cannot stand losing a discussion or being proved incorrect. As a result, they try to argue and prove their point all the time. Every conversation tends to become a debate or a discussion. Such arrogant men become extremely dominating and try to steer the conversation to topics of their own interest. Such men tend to adopt a boastful attitude, and want to speak only about their career objectives, their achievements, their success, their growth, and their. The highly self-centered behavior of the man often acts as a serious turn-off for the lady and she despises his confidence. She no longer thinks that his confidence is attractive.

Women do not appreciate arrogance at all, especially when men are no longer supportive, but rather critical of their words or action. Such arrogant and rude behavior forces the woman companion to immediately withdraw from dating such men as she finds him to be absolutely discourteous. A woman no longer feels that his confidence is attractive.


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