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Chivalry Restored


I started out a gentleman but got lazy and forgetful.
I used to open the door without thought of “I should be doing this”.
I used to schedule a date, plan it out and execute it.
I used to take your coat from you and either hang it up or put it behind your chair.
I used to have no problem holding your purse, if need be.
I used go to the store for myself and leave out with more items for you.
I used to consider your emotions before making a decision.
Flowers? They were a monthly thing at minimum.
I used to wake up and think “What can I do today to show you I appreciate you?”
I lost that.
Chivalry was dead. Chivalry was killed. Chilvary was fought with ego. Chivalry was buried.
It happened for many reasons:
I lost value in your beauty and what you deserved.
You didn’t hold me up to that standard.
The world told me “thirst” replaced traditional/genuine/old school pursuing.
Rejection was tied to my ego and it didn’t allow me to be vulnerable.
I got comfortable with how everyone else moved.
I allowed the “independent” woman to diminish my ability to be strong and a provider.
I lost touch of self and what a Man is to a Woman!
I have been “lazy” dating, in comfort and with little effort.
Women were thinking “there are too many of us and if I challenge him, I will lose him”.
I knew that and relied on the numbers game.
Then you told me, NO!
No, it isn’t going to be easy.
I am going to have to work for it.
I bucked and walked initially but turned around because I needed and wanted you.
I also understood standards.
I respected yours.
I had flashbacks of how I was taught that women were to be treated like custom made diamonds.
I took my time to invest in you.
I applied patience and didn’t force anything.
I paid attention to what you liked and catered to it.
I “uniquely” dated you; my steps were specific to you.
I provided consistency.
I was decisive.
I healed from my previous experiences.
I was present physically, mentally, and emotionally.
I brought the gentleman back and stood proud that your heart softened due to my efforts.
Things became fun again.
We took off the pressure.
We smiled at each other.
I treated you without counting or expecting a return.
You surprised me with “let me get this one”.
Chivalry is back, I pinky promise.
I relearned how valuable you are and the value in courting you.
I helped you out of the car.
I pumped the gas and paid for it.
I made sure your car was washed and the maintenance on it was up-to-date. All you had to do was drive it.
I opened your doors.
Chivalry is back, I pinky promise.


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