The BIBO Awards returns to the Hollywood land!! We will be honoring 10 of these ladies below to receive the coveted Reflection Award trophy this year. We will honor women in various categories from TV & Film to politics to education and much more! And we will be partnered with the Women of Global Change (WGC), headed by BIBO Awards alumna 2015 Shellie Hunt, to celebrate these amazing role models and leaders. Take a look at each of these outstanding ladies and CAST YOUR VOTE! The ladies with the top 10 votes will be honored at the Los Angeles Theater Center in Los Angeles on October 1st.

The voting period will be April 11th – June 3rd. The 10 honorees for Los Angeles will be announced on June 6, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we allow persons to cast multiple votes, we have incorporated a "randomly timed restriction" after a vote is cast by a given preserve the integrity of the voting process. You can come back later and cast another vote!