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Bullying Ends A Promising Future


Today’s news is filled with tragic and sad stories. It has, unfortunately, become part of our everyday expectations. Sometimes though, we’ll come across a story that should serve as a true “cautionary” tale. This is indeed the case with the story of 21-year-old Olivia Moody.

It was not very long ago, that Olivia was a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas. She graduated with a 3.6 GPA and earned a degree in criminal justice. But, instead of preparing for her first day on a new job, she is in prison, sentenced to 30 years for a second-degree murder charge. According to Olivia, it was an act done in self-defense after being constantly bullied by a group of young women in her apartment complex.

I have enclosed the five-minute video of her story because I think it is a very poignant reminder of how bullying can affect a person and how one decision can totally alter a person’s life. Here was a woman who wanted to work as a person in criminal justice and is now behind bars, serving time as a criminal, because she didn’t feel like she had any other act of recourse for the harassment that she endured..

We have discussed the topic of bullying several times here on this blog. Why? Because is cannot be stressed enough how real bullying is and how serious we all need to be about getting to the root of what causes a person to be a bully. We all need to be very concerned in the pursuit of solutions to make it stop.



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