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BIBO honoree, Lourdes Colon brings “Create Option C” to Miami and Los Angeles

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Many of the women that BIBO Awards honor are survivors. They have overcome equality in the workplace, community challenges, and even hardships at home. However, winning the battle against a potential terminal disease is one of the toughest battles anyone can face. Honoree, actress Lourdes Colon, did just that and in the process, found her true calling.

Actress Lourdes Colon (Without A Trace) received her Reflection Award trophy at the BIBO Awards Los Angeles event in 2015 for Outstanding Holistic Healing and Emotional Health Service. Her bold, passionate, and down to earth acceptance speech moved the audience from laughter to tears. Lourdes successfully beat cancer via all natural means (supplements and treatment). Her compelling documentary, Create Option C gives a candid account and details her journey from diagnosis to recovery. It provides inspiration and hope to those who want an alternative to the standard protocol of chemotherapy. Option C is quote doing the research and listening to your body while finding non-destructive rejuvenating methods of healing.

In 2015, Create Option C was screened in Miami, Florida, and Covina, CA. Plans are underway to bring the powerful and life changing documentary to Chicago in 2016.


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