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BIBO Awards Chicago 2014 Embraces Miss Illinois and Powerful Political Ladies

Miss Illinois

The BIBO (Beauty In / Beauty Out) Awards welcomes a second year in Chicago. Continuing its mission to honor and celebrate female role models and leaders in communities nationwide, the awards ceremony celebrated 13 incredible local women. While female leaders in areas such as entrepreneurship, TV/Film, and education also took the stage, the 2014 Chicago awards ceremony truly put the spotlight on women in the political arena. Additionally, the reigning Miss Illinois 2014 offered special treat to the audience.

Since 2012, the political arena has experienced a surge in female representation. There are currently over 20 US Senators which is the most in US history. As more and more women are entering law school, there has also been a marked increase in the number of female judges in the US judicial system. It was an honor to have Senator Iris Y. Martinez, the first Latina elected to the Illinois State Senate and a 2013 BIBO Awards Alumna, on hand to present to Judge Sandra Ramos. Elected in 2010, Judge Sandra Ramos received her Reflection Award trophy for Outstanding Public Servant for her service to Cook County for over 5 years.

Currently, there are over 256 female mayors in the United States. Chicago mayoral candidate, honoree Amara Enyia, received her Reflection Award trophy for Outstanding Community Leadership for her dedication to education and citizen rights in Chicago. Her award was presented by celebrity Chef Judson Allen.

And to contribute to an already incredible evening, Miss Illinois 2014, Marisa Buccheit, serenaded the audience with a powerful and heartfelt operatic musical piece. Then, she presented the BIBO Starlet Award (exceptional young ladies ages 13-23) to Miss Shantell Steve. Shantell received accolades from President Obama for her academic excellence despite the challenges she faced growing up in the foster care system.


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