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BIBO Awards 2015 Introduce Legacy of Beauty Category to Celebrate Mature Beauties

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Celebrating women from all walks of life for the great work they do and for their part in being the “true role models” we need today is the mission of the BIBO Awards. Honoring women in various industries and missions, including acknowledging our younger “beauties” (BIBO Starlets, ages 13-23) has been the business of BIBO as it enters its fourth year. However, it also became apparent that special recognition and honor should be bestowed on the ladies who are truly the backbone and foundation of our communities. Thus, the Legacy of Beauty category was born! According to BIBO Awards founder, Traci S. Campbell, “It our duty as well, as well as our privilege, to edify and celebrate the efforts of women. This is the legacy we have an obligation to leave to the next generation.” At the BIBO Awards, The Legacy of Beauty awards celebrate the lifetime achievements of women, over age 65, who have paved the way for others by their service and dedication.

The very first Legacy of Beauty recipient was Alicia Mendoza at BIBO Awards Los Angeles on September 12,, 2015. A single mother of five, Alicia was recognized for over 30 years of dance instruction inspired by Hispanic culture. She is the Founder of the Hispanic Arts Theater and the Artistic Director of Ballet Esmeraldas of Colombia.

At BIBO Awards the Las Vegas 2015 event, Shelley Berkley received the Reflection Award trophy for her service in the US House of Representatives for the state of Nevada. Berkley served in the Nevada Assembly from 1982 to 1984 and was involved in civic affairs locally.[3] She also served on the Nevada University and Community College System Board of Regents from 1990 to 1998, and was appointed vice chair. Currently, Shellie is the CEO and senior provost of the Touro College and University System in Nevada and California.

The BIBO Awards look forward to honoring even more “foundational”, “mature” trailblazing women in 2016.


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