What are the BIBO Awards?

Reflection Award Trophies BIBOThe BIBO Awards are annual ceremonies held in key cities celebrating the work and accomplishments of diverse women from all walks of life. The Awards honor real women who are real role models. The Awards focus on recognizing and defining a realistic view of beauty—a view of beauty that other women, young and old, can emulate.

Hundreds of people, drawn from all walks of life and the community, attend these Award ceremonies. Each ceremony is an opportunity to highlight success—the success of women of beauty who are making a difference in their city while having a deep, positive and lasting impact on their community.

With the BIBO Awards, we are leveling the playfield for women everywhere. The Awards simultaneously honor the entrepreneurial and career milestones of businesswomen, celebrities, and political leaders while matching those achievements with the accomplishments of mothers, caretakers, nurses, teachers—everyday women—on the same stage and in front of the same audience.

No matter their role or work, each awardee receives the ‘Reflection’ trophy on stage during the Awards ceremony. This trophy is a tangible and lasting acknowledgment of the Beauty In/Beauty Out these women are sharing in their community.

BIBO Award ceremonies are currently held in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There are plans to expand the Award ceremonies to several other major cities over the next two years.

BIBO Award Categories

Awardees in these categories receive the coveted Reflection Award trophy to celebrate and honor their hard work as trailblazers and role models.

  • Amazing Overcomer
  • BIBO Starlet Award (1 awardee per city; ages 13-23)
  • Legacy of Beauty Award (1 awardee per city; 65+ years old)
  • Outstanding Animal Advocacy
  • Outstanding Athletic Achievement
  • Outstanding Community Cause Leadership
  • Outstanding Education Leadership
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurship
  • Outstanding Film & Media Achievement
  • Outstanding Green Movement Crusader
  • Outstanding Holistic & Emotional Healing
  • Outstanding Mentorship
  • Outstanding Military Service
  • Outstanding Political Community Leadership