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Avoid Myopic Over – Reaction, If A Crisis Occurs!


Whether it relates to your family, a small group, a large organization, or our political system (and the way politicians behave, and perform), there is far, too much of a tendency, to over - react, and seek immediate, simplistic, quick fixes, than to take the time, and make the effort, to strive for the best, most effective solutions. When a leader looks merely at what is often perceived as an immediate problem, that individual often becomes a major part of the longer - term problem, rather than the solution. It is, therefore, incumbent upon real leaders, to identify not only the short - term issues, needs and concerns, and address those effectively, but to do so, in a way that strengthens the group, for the future, rather than tending to create future obstacles. Most individuals involved with organizations, at some time or another, have witnessed someone in a position of leadership, despite all the best intents, use panic and myopic leadership, rather than solving the underlying causes, and the best way to evolve. Politicians often use horrible events, to express populist, but ill - conceived ideas, in order to garner votes and popularity. Issues are rarely merely black - and - white, and unless time is taken to fully understand and consider all ramifications, alternatives, and approaches, more harm than good is created by these oratorical, populist exercises of rhetoric.

1. More than ever, it becomes time for real leadership: Most groups can get by, mostly unscathed, during non - challenging, good times. While some harm may be done by myopic leaders, since the term of office is generally a relatively short one, if a quality leader follows, the group won't suffer that much! However, when there is some sort of crisis, how the individual who's leading reacts, behaves and thinks, may often be the difference between a group's sustainabilty and achieving its mission and vision, and utter failure!

2. Avoid simplistic, self - serving populism: Wouldn't it be nice if politicians would be transformed to statesmen, when they were elected into office? Very few issues are so simple that a gut reaction is the right one, and never is it the only one! Consider the ramifications of acting (or procrastination), and that a true leader, must often become a great one, because of the willingness to proceed in the best, rather than merely the popular way. Rhetoric is far different from a real solution!

3. Consider, then articulate, alternatives: Maintain an open - mind, and consider options and alternatives, so your group is best positioned to take either take advantage of, or create its own, opportunities. A true leader keeps his focus on needs and priorities, both immediate and longer - term, and weighs his options, and then creates an action plan, with backups and contingencies. He articulates his reasons and reasoning, and realizes how essential it is to motivate stakeholders, to understand and appreciate why action is important!

4, Voice best opinion, rather than the popular one: It is incumbent on a genuine leader to understand that it might, at times, be lonely at the top! However, that does not mean, he should waiver or excessively compromise on the essence of his vision, especially if he feels it to be essential!

5. Know and prioritize what's right and necessary: A myopic leader often spends far too much time pondering what's right in front of his nose, and far too little thinking of the bigger picture! If you are uncertain, always ask yourself, if you are doing the right thing. Is your way the best way to address needs, focus on priorities, remain relevant, and enhance sustainability?

While they may be well - intentioned and nice people, myopic leaders are often a cancer on the well - being and long - term health of an organization. Whether you are viewing a potential Presidential candidate, or the leader of a group, opt for one, with the courage of his convictions, rather than merely jumping on the bandwagon and becoming a rhetoric machine.


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