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Aspirin: A Possible Wonder Pill for Reducing Heart Attack, Breast Cancer, & Stroke in Women


Aspirin has become a drug every woman should have at her disposal because of its amazing advantages. Heart attack, breast cancer, and stroke are common health challenges that affect many people…especially women.

Heart attacks, as many have previously believed, were considered a disease of ‘seniors.’ However, taking the United States as a case study, heart disease (heart attacks included), is the first on the list of diseases that claim the lives of most people in the United States. Women, especially, need to be wary of this disease because the risk of having a heart attack steadily increases in women once they attain 45 years of age, but for men, the risk steadily increases at 50 years of age. A person’s lifestyle can make heart attack to occur earlier in life (earlier than 45 years in women and 50 years in men) – a lazy lifestyle of inactivity and obesity amidst young ones can actually trigger heart attack earlier in life.

Often times, we do not just become ill suddenly; there may have been warning signs. Heart attack does have its warning signs or symptoms and paying attention or attending to these symptoms could save one’s life. What are the symptoms of heart attack? They include chest discomfort in the form of fullness and uncomfortable pressure (mostly in men), shortness of breath, discomfort in parts of the upper body like the arms, jaw, neck, lightheadedness, nausea, etc.

What are the risks factors that may cause heart attack? How can heart attack be prevented? How can aspirin help? The risks factors of heart attack include diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, etc. Heart attack can be prevented through regular physical exercises, control of blood pressure, taking of aspirin (it should be noted that a woman that has 20% chance of having heart attack in the next 10 years should take aspirin).

Breast cancer is another ailment that aspirin can help prevent. Aspirin has been found to have the ability to slow down the growth and the spread of cancer cells. And studies have shown that a low–dose intake of aspirin on a daily basis, can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30% in women. Aspirin can likewise help prevent other types of cancers like skin cancer and others.

Finally, we have stroke. Like heart attack and other ailments, stroke has its symptoms, risk factors, and preventive measures too. What are they? Some of the symptoms of stroke include dizziness that cannot be explained, abrupt and severe headaches, and difficulty in understanding speech. The risk factors for stroke are similar to those of heart attack; they include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, excess alcohol, and gender. The preventive measures for stroke are the same as those of heart attack, and the same preventative measures that can help are good diet therapy, control of blood sugar, and a reduction of weight.

Can Everyone Take Aspirin?

While it has been studied and found out that low-dose of aspirin intake on a regular basis can slash down the risk of having any of the mentioned ailments to a reasonable degree, it should also be noted that there is nothing that Aspirin, as useful as it is, does has its disadvantages. While the intake of 100 milligrams of aspirin daily is said to reduce the risk of having a first stroke by 25% in women 45 years and older, also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack in women that are 65 years and older, aspirin’s side-effect is also disturbing. Aspirin has been found to greatly increase the risk of bleeding within the intestines and the stomach by 40% – very disturbing, right?

Therefore, it is advised that you speak with a healthcare professional or your doctor as to the proper way to use aspirin without it damaging your body system.


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