Redefine AND Celebrate YOUR Shine!


It's wonderful to see that we can take pride in our own reflection when we do our best to make change in the world beyond just ourselves. It's a quiet, humbling reward and you carry it in your heart always. This award show is a great way to validate yourself and others for doing just that. Being beautiful where it truly counts: On the inside. Time can't take that kind of beauty away from you, EVER! It's yours to keep.

Liana Mendoza, actress (“Scary Movie”), producer, presenter, BIBO Awards Los Angeles 2015

I was so honored to receive the 2014 BIBO reflection award for 'Media Innovation'. It is proudly displayed in my office and is a constant reminder of the awesomeness of this organization as well as the recognition of what I do in a male dominated industry. I adore that BIBO allows a platform to honor women trailblazers. I continue to support its beautiful founder Traci S. Campbell, the organization, and look forward to its many more success.

Love & Blessings

Susan Reed (Strowhorn) , BIBO Awards Chicago Alumna 2014

I was so delighted and so honored to be a part of this incredible event. It was one of the best honors, to be recognized for my work and for being recognized as a role model for others, that I have received while in office.

Senator Iris Y. Martinez, 20th Legislative District of Illinois, BIBO Awards Alumna 2013

It was an absolute honor to be recognized as a hard-working entrepreneur by the BIBO (Beauty In Beauty Out) Awards. Traci S. Campbell is an inspiration to women and continues to acknowledge and praise hard-working and passionate women across the nation!

Kymberlee Kaye Raya, President, Big Shot Marketing, BIBO Awards Chicago 2013 alumna