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Winning! The BIBO (Beauty In Beauty Out) awards will go down, in my life, as one of my most memorable experiences. There is nothing more rewarding than being awarded for your kindness, intelligence and your capacity to think outside yourself.

Dr. Sherrie Campbell, Psychologist & Marriage & Family Counselor BIBO Awards Los Angeles 2015 alumna

The recognition from the BIBO Awards and being honored for my Autism Advocacy was greater than ANY music award I've ever received. Thanks BIBO!

Meelah Williams, singer (R&B group “702”), actress (“R&B Divas”), BIBO Awards Las Vegas 2014 alumna

It was not only a surprise to receive the Reflection Award trophy, it was a privilege. I have worked very hard to create Students United in Recycling School Supplies (SURSS) in order to benefit students around the community. Although I was given the award, the real award should be given to the students who fight the battle of homelessness everyday; it should be given to the students who preserver through all odds to receive an education in order to make something out of their lives. They are the ones who deserve to be recognized for their hard work, determination, and perseverance. I thank BIBO Awards for the Reflection Award trophy and for the opportunity to share my foundation with more people and everyone who has helped me make SURSS a success.

Erica Korbel, student and teen social advocate, BIBO Starlet Las Vegas 2015

The Women Of Global Change completely stands behind the BIBO Awards. They stand for women's empowerment, integrity, and authenticity. They stand and recognize women leaders who are taking an active role in our society, communities, and the world.

Shellie Hunt, Founder of The Women Of Global Change, BIBO Awards Los Angeles 2015 alumna