Geir Ness is the designer and creator of Laila (pronounced Lila). Born and raised in Norway, Geir takes an extremely active role in the promotion of this first international Norwegian fragrance. After doing some fragrance modeling, Geir was asked if there would ever be a fragrance from his homeland. This inspired Geir to create one.

As a little boy, Geir’s mother would take him up into the mountains of Norway where they would pick beautiful wildflowers. Even as a child, he was so taken by the beauty of that experience. Years later, in school, Geir needed some extra
money, so he worked weekends promoting perfumes. Although he always had an appreciation for fragrance, he knew nothing about the industry. Barely able to speak English, people would ask where he was from followed by the question of why Norway/Scandinavia never produced a perfume. Geir’s research began.

In time, Geir found a perfumer who advised him to begin his search by finding ingredients he liked. Of course, Norwegian wildflowers were the
first thing that came to mind. He remembered that wonderful childhood experience when he would go to the mountains. He gathered flowers and herbs and brought them to a perfumer to create a product that captured their true scent.

Geir feels that the consumer’s opinion is the best way to help create a successful product. So, he went to the streets to ask people what they thought of the fragrance and noted their comments. He then went back to the perfumer and spent years perfecting the final result. After adding a touch of watermelon to the formula, the response was sensational. Laila was described as fresh, clean and crisp. Laila
was now....perfect!!!

Laila got its name because this fragrance means so much to Geir. He copied his Mom’s signature without her knowing it, had it silk screened on the bottle and surprised her with it on Mother’s Day. The little boy who went with his mom to the mountains years ago, was now able to thank her for her love and inspiration. The fragrance can now be found in Nordstrom department stores nationwide!

Geir is an avid supporter of strong women, thus, he is an avid supporter of the BIBO Awards! Like his mom, he understands the struggles and hard work women contribute to rearing children, running households, and running businesses. He further understands, through his own business, the unique beauty every woman possesses.