Amirakal Marketing is a full-service marketing company based in Fayetteville, GA that specializes in marketing, branding and public relations. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals by providing promotional, branding and advertising services. We are dedicated to serving the business community by offering abroad range of products and services designed to meet the marketing needs of a diverse range of businesses in various industries.

Amirakal Marketing is a proud partner of the BIBO (Beauty In/Beauty Out) Awards and the C.H.A.M.P Community Project, both based in Chicago, IL. Because of the dedication of the BIBO Awards to celebrating not only the inner and outer beauty of women, but their commitment to honor the great works of women from all walks of life and what they are contributing to their communities, Amirakal Marketing is honored to work closely with the
BIBO Awards to further their mission to bring these beautiful women to light. We are also honored to work with the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project and share their commitment to provide opportunities for youth and their families to flourish and improve their circumstances.

The BIBO Awards and C.H.A.M.P. Community Project are two of several organizations that Amirakal Marketing proudly supports with various marketing, media and public relations opportunities and will continue to do so as we work together to support each other's missions and visions to help build our various communities.